Uncovering your strengths & building wellbeing

One of the key ingredients to finding happiness in our lives, building life satisfaction and overall wellbeing is to be doing the things we love, what we are good at and what we are passionate about. Through the work of Gallup, Tom Rath and the Science of Positive Psychology, we know that focusing on our top five strengths every day increases our engagement in work by 600% and improves our overall life satisfaction by 300%. So why aren’t more of us utilising our core strengths and area’s of excellence each day when we go to work?

Imagine what your life would be like if you were given the opportunity do what you loved each and every day? What would your team be able to produce if everyone was able to bring their very best self to work each day? How incredible would it be to able to delegate your weaknesses to others in the team who loved and thrived on doing all of the things that frustrate you and negatively impact your wellbeing? What impact would that have on employee engagement, productivity and profitability in the business you work in?

Key strengths and passion in a career

So what are your key strengths and what do you love to do? What are the tasks that give you enjoyment? What are you passionate about? What really drives you at the core of who you are? It is frightening to think that so many of us work an entire lifetime to simply have the end goal of being able to retire. Why? We simply lack career wellbeing in our lives. Loving what we do, having meaning and a purpose for getting out of bed each day, changes our perspective on how we spend our time.

What if you have found yourself in the unfortunate position of an illness or injury and you are unable to return to the same job you previously held – how can you find a role that taps into your core strengths and abilities so that you build your confidence and self esteem again?

Start your own strengths discovery journey by taking some time to think through these thought-provoking questions and begin to build a plan for increasing the career wellbeing, purpose and meaning you have in your life.

  1. Considering your job/role/position or positions or things you have done in the past, what activities do you really enjoy which require little effort? You do them naturally?
  2. What do you consider to be your best character traits and strengths?
  3. What activities or tasks give you the greatest sense of achievement?
  4. What complimentary remarks have been made by others about you?
  5. What do you love to do and what do you do best?
  6. What do you enjoy doing outside of work? What are your hobbies? Why do you love doing these things?
  7. Who do you know that is doing something you would love to do? Who is your role model?
  8. If you could organise your day and focus on activities which give you energy, excitement and passion – what would they be?
  9. What drives you? What gives you satisfaction?
  10. What is your passion?

After answering these questions, are you using your key strengths daily in your job and in your life? Is there an opportunity for you to align your day-to-day tasks with what you love to do?

When we can align our days to our key strengths and building purpose and meaning into our life, we open ourselves up to a world of new opportunities, dramatically improved results and significantly increase our wellbeing and overall life satisfaction.

What do you love doing and what do you love best?