Use this three pillar approach to set yourself free

How many lots of questions and answers do you have in your life that has stopped you from being truly who you are capable of being?

The Three Pillar Approach is a simple strategy that helps you to redefine events so that you can go on and be the person you have always wanted to be. Watch this VIDEO for an example of how this approach can be used.

Life is always going to be made up of positive and negative experiences, and therefore we need to be ready with strategies such as this one, that will help us build resilience and wellbeing whilst allowing us to overcome adversity.

The meanings or beliefs that we have attached to situations, events or memories that have occurred in our life are either useful or they are completely useless. Many of these do not serve us well at all, especially when they stop us from being who we truly capable of being.

Do you have situations, events or memories from your past that have not served you well? When you are reminded of them, do they bring back negative emotions and feelings such as anger, sadness, fear, frustration or disappointment?

All meaning is context dependent and nothing has any meaning except for the meaning that we give it. We are totally empowered to re-interpret the meanings which we have attached to situations, events or memories. If they have not served us well, we can use this strategy to change how we feel about it.

Negativity stops us from moving forward and achieving our dreams. Negative emotions stick with us even after the event has passed, so it important to redefine, reframe and reinterpret the events that have not served us well, and do so quickly, so that we can stop carrying the negative baggage with us throughout our life.