Creating emotional states

Being successful or not will be dependent upon our ability to manage the states that drive the behaviours that lead us toward the achievement of our goals.

Success in life will be given to those who learn to manage their emotional states. There are many things in life that drive and trigger our emotional states – our moods. In neuro-linguistic programming we call this anchoring. The formal definition of anchoring is this. When we are in an intense state and where a specific stimulus is applied – the two are linked neuro-logically. Anchors have been formed and built up over our life – some are resourceful while many others trigger un resourceful states. Do you know what triggers and drives how you feel? What is driving your behaviour?

Do you know what drives your mood?

We have anchors taking place every single day in our lives. When you are driving your car and you see a red light and stop – that is a visual anchor. When your alarm clock goes off in the morning and you get out of bed – that is an auditory anchor. When you wake up and put on your navy blue suit and you feel unstoppable – that is a kinesthetic anchor. Anchors build by repetition and trigger our emotional states. Our moods. How we feel.

You see, you too are an anchor for other people’s states so how do people feel when they see you? Do you inspire and motivate people or do they want to run for cover? If you constantly bring up bad news or are critical, the chances are you become a negative anchor for other people’s emotional states. If you manage and lead a team of people, this will be a critical element that will help determine your success. Our emotional states are also contagious. If you want people to feel motivated, inspired and successful, you must feel motivated, inspired and successful. What states do you elicit in others and are they what you want?

Spend some time getting conscious about what and who is triggering your emotional states. Are there certain people you are spending time with that spiral you downwards? Are there certain things that you do or don’t do that contribute negatively to how you feel? Start paying attention to what is driving your behaviour and make some conscious decisions about how you can better manage your wellbeing and emotional fitness.

What can you do to ensure you go into each day with an attitude and belief that today will be a great day? What simple things can you do to make another persons day great? How can you help people win?