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Developed by Vicki Writer
Master Trainer in Motivation, Communication and Emotional Fitness.

Our engaging online learning programs for individuals and businesses provide strategies, tools and concepts to assist you in creating the best version of you.

Tell your life where to go, don’t wonder where it went.

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Self Paced Learning

Tell Your Life Where To Go is our online learning platform. This separate website houses all of our digital, self paced learning programs, offering a suite of courses tailored for both individuals and businesses across a range of topics.

The 360° Solution offer engaging programs for individuals and businesses. Our ‘Fit for Life’ program is a ‘whole of life’ coaching program that assists people in getting Fit for Life.  Our programs are the perfect match for;

  • Businesses that want to get the best performance out of their team and develop a can do culture.
  • The finance industry as an addition to their current service offering.
  • Health and Wellbeing professionals focusing on emotional fitness, integrating the programs into their patient treatment plans.
  • By individuals and families wanting assistance in creating a life blue print to help guide them through their journey of building overall life satisfaction and happiness.
  • Building the life skills of youth. Tools and strategies for ongoing growth and development, focusing on career development, goal achievement and resilience.

Our world-class online learning platform  offers the most up to date technology in education and curriculum delivery. Through this portal you can learn more about the entire suite of programs The 360° Solution offer, purchase your online learning licenses and log into your programs for learning modules. Our suite of programs can be offered to clients, members, teams or groups through our white labelling solution.