The 360° Solution™

The 360° Solution offer engaging programs for individuals and businesses. Our programs are the perfect match for;

  • Businesses that want to improve employee engagement, wellbeing, productivity and performance.
  • Financial and Professional service firms wanting to expand their service offering and add additional services and programs, which provide greater value for their clients.
  • Health and Wellbeing professionals wanting to integrate our programs into their ongoing patient treatment plans.
  • Individuals and families wanting assistance in creating a life blue print to help guide them through their journey of building overall life satisfaction and happiness.
  • Building the life skills of youth by providing tools and strategies for ongoing growth focusing on career development, goal achievement and resilience.

Created by Vicki Writer in 2014, the 360° Solution™ – ‘Fit for Life’ program assists individuals and entrepreneurial businesses to actualise their potential and achieve exponential growth.

This 7 stage ‘whole of life’ flagship program looks at every aspect of a person’s life – personal, professional and financial, and assists people to think about what they would like their life to look like in each of these areas. Participants of the program are then guided though developing a plan towards achieving their goals, reducing their levels of complexity and plugging the gaps that leave them exposed.

As a Behavioural  Strategist, Vicki helps people take a fresh look at the way they operate, and provides  them with a platform to create personal breakthroughs so that they can discover, define and realise their full potential.

People who have worked with Vicki have experienced a transformation. Through restored clarity and confidence, she has helped them to create a new framework for shaping their futures by transforming their vision into reality.

‘We are fully integrated, holistic human beings, we do not operate in compartments. Everything we do and all that we are is based on an integrated holistic system with each part of our lives affecting each other. Poor finances or financial stress will impact our health and lifestyle choices. Our health and lifestyle choices will impact our economic life and financial situation. Both of these two things will dramatically impact our overall wellbeing and life satisfaction.’  Vicki Writer

The 360° Solution also offers programs that focus on specific areas participants wish to improve their skills in, these include;


Learn practical tools and strategies for building emotional fitness and wellbeing.

Strengths Development Program

Find your life purpose and be more engaged in life and work.

Minds Matter

In this program you will master using language as a tool for influence.

Referrals Program

Proven and powerful techniques to generate significantly more sales, build stronger client relationships and further capitalise on your relationships with centres of influence.

Master the Weight Loss Mindset

Identify and integrate the 5 secret strategies for losing weight and feeling great.

Conscious Leadership

Best practice tools and strategies to help build teams that thrive.

Thrive for Teens

Assist teenagers in learning and developing skills in life to succeed.