SPEAKING Introduction

Having spent over 20 years educating, motivating and inspiring audiences all over Australia and internationally, Vicki moves people to take the necessary steps in unlocking their potential and achieving their goals and aspirations.

Through years of research, she has uncovered the secrets dominating our inherent behaviours and arms her audiences with the most up to date thinking in the development of human potential.

  • Learn the distinction between “Commoditisation” and “The Sale of Knowledge and Wisdom”.
  • Gain powerful insights into what other successful “Unique Process Advisers” have done within their own practices.
  • Get some practical tools that can assist you with thinking about your own Unique Selling Position (USP).
  • Learn strategies for building a profitable and sustainable business in the 21st Century.
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  • Gain very valuable insights into the way your brain works and why you do what you do.
  • Learn the intricacies of human thought and behaviour.
  • Learn how your behaviours have become conditioned over time.
  • Get a set of strategies to help you achieve any goal in life.
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  • Uncover the secrets that dominate everyone’s behaviour
  • Get a set of powerful concepts and tools to help coach and manage a team to excellence.
  • Gain very valuable insights into human thought and behaviour and why people do what they do.
  • Get access to a range of strategies that can be applied immediately which will transform performance, morale and results.
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  • Show you how to communicate with a wide variety of behaviours and belief systems.
  • Help you master language and communication.
  • Help you to expand your thinking by understanding how you and others learn.
  • Learn the secret that dominates everyone’s behaviour.
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  • Capitalise on opportunities in your community.
  • Gain referrals from your existing client base.
  • Increase your referrals from your centres of influence.
  • Generate more word of mouth referrals.
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“Vicki generously shared her insights and experience at a recent Australian Doctor Education seminar. The General Practitioners found her practical tips for achieving life satisfaction not only helpful for consulting with patients, but also valuable in assisting them reassess their own life goals. Vicki’s passion and extensive knowledge were greatly appreciated. “
Natalie O'dea
Head of Education and Events
Australian Doctor Group